April 2, 2017 The Pizza Box Theology - Empty on the Inside Matthew Craig

May 17, 2017


In the hustle and bustle of life, we have forgotten one of the most important commandments that Jesus speaks about...We have forgotten how to "Love God with all our Soul."  


In the fast paced and often success driven way of life, we have allowed our "souls" to become "fixer uppers"... you know those houses that have not been lived in for awhile, those houses that have become worn out because they have sat empty, those houses that are run down because no one has cared for them for some time...they are "fixer uppers" and it's time for us to "fix up" our souls so that we can be disciples who can "Love God with all our heart, mind, SOUL and strength."


Matthew 21:4-9


March 19, 2017 Contentment in the BODY - Matthew Craig

May 8, 2017
  • To be included in the body of Christ is a wonderful privilege. We have the chance to serve God even as we enjoy the benefits of community within the church. Yet, there are still obstacles that need to be overcome. There are still areas of sin or misunderstanding that can cause pain for the individual and friction within the body.


  1. Being Content
  2. Finding Your Place in the Body
  3. Active Obedience

Feb 19, 2017 - All In - Influence - Matthew Craig

April 18, 2017

It’s clear that Jesus’ mission offers a worthy and inspirational  vision for His followers - one that will require enormous sacrifice, hard work, and courage on our part. We are called to INfluence the world around us.

Two Part Mission

    1. Redeemed // John 19:30
    2. Empowered // John 20:21

Our Ongoing Mission is Critical

    1. Our Mission is to Make Disciples
    2. Our Mission is based on Jesus’ Authority
    3. Our Mission Includes Jesus’ Presence

Feb 5, 2017 - All-In…Luke 14

April 18, 2017

Luke records in Ch 14 of his Gospel that large crowds were following Jesus seemingly for the wrong reasons. They had been amazed by his miracles, but they had not yet decided to FULLY COMMIT to his Mission. Jesus gives them something new to think about.


Feb 12, 2017 - Dead to Self/Living for Jesus - Baptism Impacts my Life - Derek Wright

April 18, 2017

Derek Wright preaches today and explains that from the earliest days of the church, baptism has served as a way for followers of Jesus to proclaim their total surrender to Christ as both Savior and Lord. This vital practice that should be undertaken by every follower who desires to fully commit their life to Christ is essential for obedience and trust in Christ.


January 29, 2017 - Step Up

April 18, 2017

The central idea of Christ’s Purpose was that He came to the earth to fulfill God’s mission to redeem His people through the forgiveness of their sins and to call his new followers to participate in this mission (share what they had already been given) to a lost world.

  1. Jesus Identifies with Us // Hebrews 2:17-18
  2. Identifying with Jesus // John 15:18-20
  3. Preparing to be a Witness // Matthew 28:18-20
    1. Move toward unsaved people
    2. Make prayer for lost people a priority

     4. Prepare your personal testimony


January 15, 2017 - The Good Samaritan - A Story of Love & Obedience

January 25, 2017

As humans, and especially as disciples of Jesus, we have a natural tendency to overthink matters that are actually quite simple. So was the case with the scholar in Luke 10.